A fashionable and comfortable head accessory is much needed in the cold summer months and we believe that impecgear knit beanie cap is the one for you. A beanie cap is a cap made with a button in the centre with the entire cap knit around it in order to encircle your head in a warm embrace.
To get the most warmth and comfort wear the full cap without cuffing them so that it covers your ears. But for more style-oriented individuals or those who don’t want to mess up their hairstyle, you can wear them as far toward the top of your head as possible and let it rest above your ears.
Impecgear has beanie geared for every fashion statement you might want to make, it can be a flaming passion-filled one or a simplistic mate black. Our hand-knit beanie caps are machine washable and also available in a slouchy variant. The slouchy beanies are slightly longer beanie cap that gives a more elegant and beautiful look.