Face Mask-Non Surgical

In this pandemic time, masks and sanitizers have now become our best friends. We cannot stress enough about how essential these things are for your safety. Whether you are going out for grocery shopping or anything else, you need to wear your mask, not just only to protect from harmful pollutants but also from the COVID virus. With the Impecgear KN95 face mask, protect yourself from serious conditions prevailing outside. They seal your face properly - because of its circular or oval-shaped design. Our disposable mask made in the US comes in different sizes to ensure it properly seal your face. 

Impecgear KN95 mask protects you from any secretions, large droplets, and also from small droplets. Even if you are suffering from a common cold, these masks are a must-have to protect others from catching an infection. Our face masks are manufactured while maintaining proper sterile conditions. These masks are capable of filtering almost 95% of tiny particles. These masks have now become a crucial element for everyday use. Our well-designed face masks are reliable and available at an affordable price range. Impecgear manufactured face masks are FDA approved. These masks provide a secure seal to the wearer and are held in place with the help of over-ear elastics. Now, leave your health worries aside and shop for a mask made in the USA.