Desktop Power Outlet

Stop wasting your time finding desk power outlets with Impecgear power grommet with USB. Get your desktop power outlet right on your working desk or bedside table with the handy Impecgear round desktop power grommet. This little compact power grommet makes your workstation more organized. No one enjoys it when the power outlet is far away from your work desk. Eliminate the hunt to find power outlets and power everything right on your work desk with an Impecgear power grommet with USB. Without the hassle to find a spot to charge all your gadgets, this handy power grommet is perfect for office, kitchen, living room, bedroom, conference tables, and workbenches. 

With our center table power grommet, convert your big conference tables into ready to access power center. When it is not in use, rotate the PowerPlug Netbox to another side to prevent water dripping and other micro substances from getting in the power grommet's outlet. Making sure that your electronics are safe, our power grommet automatically shuts when the electronics have charged, preventing any potential fires or damaged electronics. We provide a 1-year warranty on our every power grommet. Any problem within this period, you are free to contact us, and we will sort out your problem as soon as possible.