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Unisex baseball caps hats high quality khaki hat material unstructured cotton soft adjustable washed custom NY logo Men/Women cap hats

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- Fabric material: Hat is woven from high quality khaki fabric.
- Size: 53- 61 cm.
- Color: Black, White, Cobalt Blue, Beige, Moss Green, Gray.
- Rear lock: Made of anti-rust stainless steel.
- Suitable for Men and Women.
- FORM: Soft form

Handmade Embroidery


- Fabric is dyed with high technology to help limit fading when washing or frequently going outdoors.
- Fashionable design, dynamic style, personality.
- Limits sweating on the head, does not irritate the scalp.
- Easily adjust Size with the buckle on the back of the cap.
- Caps are very suitable for outfits that tend to be dynamic, comfortable and youthful.

*How to properly preserve baseball caps:

- Store the hat in a cool, dry place.

To Straighten shaping fitted caps - Easy and simple n cheap - Can use a teapot steamer, here's the video

*How to properly wash an embroidered baseball cap:

- High-quality dyed fabrics may have slight color fading after the first 1-2 washes, so wash them separately and carefully to avoid color fading. Wash in cold water without using detergent for the first wash

- We must always wash baseball caps by hand or a toothbrush, absolutely do not use a toothbrush. Because using a brush can easily fray fabric and scratch skin, if there are stubborn stains, we can only use a soft toothbrush to scrub them.

  - Never put your baseball cap in the washing machine or clothes dryer because this will deform the original shape of the hat..


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    Pretty awesome hats for the price.

    Shane A

    I absolutely love this product!!! I really wish I had purchased these sooner! We have lots of animals and no matter what we do, we still get hair in the washer. When I found out I was pregnant and needed to wash all the baby clothes I was a little concerned about getting animal hair on everything I needed to wash. I discovered these bags and WOW!! Not only do they keep clothes, blanket, accessories, toys, etc. clean, but they also keep everything looking new and soft! The material is great and durable. I have not had any issues and they dry really quick. I would for sure recommend these bags!


    The quality of these products is amazing. The mesh is very fine so things don't go through it, yet still open enough for water and soap to get in and out easily.

    The zippers are great, with little elastic pockets so they don't bang around.


    Have been using these bags for over 5 months now and the results have been amazing.

    The bags protect the clothes while the are being washed extending their durability and usage.

    I will most likely purchase another set soon.

    A. Mostajo