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Round Desktop Conference Room Power Grommet Outlet, FITS 3 1/8" - 3 1/4" 2 (TR) AC Outlets, 2 USB Charging Ports, 1 CAT 6, 1 HDMI, ETL Listed DC8689

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8/3/2022 - Upgraded 1 USB to TYPE-C FAST CHARGING PORT.


    • FUNCTION: Great for conference room, meeting room, school, library, starbucks, coffee tea house, labs, etc.. ---- PowerPlug Netbox offers outlets for accessibility to 2 electric power, 1 USB charging, 1 Type-C fast charging- 1 HDMI, 1 CAT 6, and also other data and IC Connectors HDMI.

               1. With 2.1M AWG 16#/3c Cord

               2.  Input: 110-125V 12 A

               3.  USB Output: USB-A: 5V 2.1A TYPE-C: 9V 2A

               4.  Material: PC Fireproof

               5.  ETL # is 5011080 

    • CHARACTERISTIC: UL Approved Listed which most Power online do not have UL..........This Power Converts any desk, table or counter into a ready to access power center. When PowerPlug Netbox is not in operation mode, all the outlets can be hidden by rotating to another side. This action can prevenet water dipping and other micro substance to drop in the outlets. Moreover, outlook of power netbox is more elegant when not in operation mode.


    • EASY TO INSTALL - Just put in the standard table hole and lock it up on the bottom with our ring, done.


    • BENEFIT OF TR-Tamper Resistant Outlet - As required by the 2008 national electrical code, tamper resistant GFCI’s should be installed in any new construction or renovation. Tamper resistant receptacles, commonly known as TRR, can help protect from electrical shock, injury, or even death. They were originally constructed to create a permanent solution for children who tamper with outlets.
    • Also Ideal for use in office power, kitchen power, gaming, airplane, living room, school, nurse's stations, hotels, conference tables, office desks, work benches, home offices, and any number of other places where power and internet connection are needed together..


    DISCLAIMER: PLEASE NOTE: HMDI port ONLY support TV Samsung or LG 6 series under, other newer TV technologies QLED or OLED may not support. 




    Power Plug DC8689 Black Power Grommet 360 View

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