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Milk frother, Electric Milk Frother with Stand for Latte Milk Coffee or Cappuccino Maker Tea Bar in Kitchen Home

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    • FULL STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION - Both the main body and frothing wand constructed from high quality stainless steel which means that this stainless steel milk frother won't rattle and rumble or fall apart like cheaper plastic models.
    • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN - Press the black button on the bottom of the handle in seconds then you could enjoy your creamy coffee.Put the frother in the hot water and press the botton.It's clean enough.
    • SIMPLE TO USE & EASY TO STORE - Just turn on with the one touch control and it does all the work for you. All you need to do is hold it! Compact design so you can store it in the drawer and use it everyday without having to take up valuable counter space.
    • BEST GIFT IDEA YOU COULD COME UP WITH - This will be the best gift you could present for a friend or loved one -Valentine's Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Mother's Day,Christmas, Father's Day,housewarming gift etc..

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