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2 ImpecGear Auto Car Visor Organizer Multi-purpose Sun Visor Storage Pouch Bag for Card/cell phone/pen/sunglass Holder

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Visor organizer contains pocket for maps, pens, changes & glasses, attaches to car visors w/ 2 end velcro straps. The ImpecGear Auto Premier Visor Organizer is a stylish, versatile way to clean up your car. This visor organizer keeps everyday items out of the way and at your fingertips. Made from leather-like material, this innovative design has small and large pockets for maps, documents, tickets and more. It also features a large, mesh pocket for garage-door openers. The adjustable straps fit the visor without covering vanity mirror, and installs easily to fit most vehicles.
  • FEATURE: Visor organizer contains pocket for maps, pens, changes & glasses, attaches to car visors w/ 2 end velcro straps. Universal fit for all vehicles. Stylish, versatile way to clean up your car.
  • 2 FOR A PRICE OF ONE. Keeps every items out of the way and at your finger tips. Large, mesh pockets or garage-door openers. Adjustable straps fits visor without convering vanity mirror. Easy installation and fits most vehicles.  PACK OF 2 FOR A PRICE OF 1 VISOR - BUY PACK OF 10 - SAVE 30% comparing from buying pack of 2
  • SIZE: 11" X 6" IMPRINT AREA: 3" X 2" or 2-1/2" X 1-1/2" (Front), 6-1/2" X 4" (Rear)
  • MATERIAL: 420D Nylon (OGR2111)

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